Stop Struggling Start Writing
3 Simple Secrets to (Finally) Writing That Book
...and making an impact with your story


Learn from award-winning writer Paolina Milana, author of several books including her latest COMMITTED: A Memoir of Madness in the Family (She Writes Press, May 4, 2021), how to turn your life stories and lessons into a meaningful book that heals and helps others. Paolina helps people step into their own power and become the heroes of their own stories. By using storytelling techniques in her resilient writing coaching, she helps people heal by revisiting their pasts, reimagining their circumstances, and rewriting their next chapters.

Let's Change The Way We Think About What It Takes To Write The Stories We're Meant to Share

Resilient Writing Coach Los Angeles

What ​You'll Learn During This ​Workshop:

  • How to BREAK FREE from the emotional chains of the past and use them to LIFT YOU AND OTHERS UP.

  • How to FEEL EMPOWERED to tell the story you want to tell the way you want to tell it.

  • How to CONQUER the PROCESS of writing in a way that WORKS FOR YOU -- and through it, gain CLARITY and HEALING.

  • How to SILENCE the voices of self-doubt so you can finally write the book that you were meant to write (even if you've tried to write your story before, but could never finish).

  • How to CELEBRATE the life you've lived and share the lessons you've learned (and feel a sense of peace about your journey -- knowing that everything you've gone through has a greater meaning and bigger purpose to help others).

  • How to figure out what your story is by learning to unearth and address memories that MATTER MOST. it without overwhelm. 

  • How NOT to spend endless hours struggling to write it "right" and YES! finally getting that book that's been in your head and heart out and onto the page and path of DONE and PUBLISHED!

*Important Note:  due to technical restrictions, the available spaces on this workshop are limited!

Reserve your spot now and sign in to the workshop early to ensure your participation.