6 Secrets to Telling Your Story

Who will know about the life you've lived and the lessons you've learned, if you don't tell your story?

Learn how to write the story you want to share (even if you think you can't write or haven't the time).

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6 Secrets Worksheet

YOUR Hero's Journey

My Signature System – MADNESS TO MAGIC – and my MISSION is to help as many others tap into their own powers, create their own playbooks, and write their own next chapters of their lives “ever after”.

THROUGH STORYTELLING, we’ll work together, with me as your writing coach, I’ll help you:

  • Write the book you’ve always wanted to

  • Tell the story from your life you want and need to tell

  • Celebrate the life you’ve lived and share the lessons you’ve learned

  • Unravel the past and use it to rewrite your present

  • Make sense of the madness and embrace the magic that awaits you

  • FEEL a sense of PEACE and EMPOWERMENT by stepping into the life you’ve always wanted and deserved

  • Get clarity on your path and write the next chapters of your life into existence


“When you stand and share your story in an empowering way, your story will heal you and your story will heal somebody else.”

― Iyanla Vanzant

Success Story


“Life is so much better with a coach! Everyone can benefit from someone who can be called upon to discuss ideas with and converse with and look at us as an individual, and see the greatness within… that we have long ago lost sight of. Whether it be our self-worth, or what we have forgotten that we know, Paolina has a way of bringing it out from the depth of our souls. She sees the value in us and helps me to see the same. She has helped me in a personal way by helping me to document my life in writing, with vision boards, recordings and chapters of my memoir. She has picked up the pieces where I fall short to get me to my goals… She has even helped me to believe in myself that I am worthy to love… The last year, for me, has been the best input that I have ever had because of this lady. I have looked at me in a very different way and as a result it has renewed my future vision. I have seen life unfold again. I have gone from hopeful to grateful!“

Marlys V., Owner, Vance Realty Group

Are You Ready To Begin Your Adventure?

I know you are. And I know what’s possible for you to…

  • …finally make PEACE with your past

  • …UNEARTH and SAFELY EXAMINE memories you thought were buried

  • …RECOGNIZE patterns in your past and how you might duplicate OR stop repeating them

  • …NOT be another “statistic” who just can’t finish what she’s started

  • …feel EMPOWERED about your past and EXCITED about the future

  • …TRUST me to help you create a roadmap for your writing adventure that aligns with who you are, what you want to do AND how to realistically get there

  • …KNOW that this time next year is NOT going to be “same old same old”; rather, you’ll be closer to where you want to be…


I know you’re ready to LIVE THE LIFE YOU WERE MEANT TO – you know you’re ready, too. It’s why you’ve landed here to learn and grow and change.

I’d LOVE to support you on your path! Even if it’s just a chat and then you’re good to go on your own.

What are you waiting for? It’s FREE and you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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