Play By Your Own Rules "How-To" Guide

Tired of Feeling Like You're Not in Control? Take Back Your Power.

It’s 5 Simple Strategies to Help You:

  • Finally feel the peace and serenity - even in uncertain times - that comes with believing you are enough and with knowing you're okay
  • Embrace your power, control what you can, let go of what you can't, and confidently move forward - ready for the future
  • Unravel the past, make sense of the madness, and get clarity on the path that’s magically meant for you

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Tap Into the Power in You by Paolina Milana

Hi I’m Paolina 

I bet you and I are a lot alike. We’ve worked our whole lives going “above and beyond.” We’re experts at multi-tasking, juggling schedules, and spinning plates. We’re the first ones in and the last ones to leave (the office, the kitchen…not the party). If something needs to get done, everyone knows to give it to us. We’re doers and caregivers. We take care of everything and everyone else. We’ve been playing by the rules of other people’s games, always hoping we’ll get to where we want to be. But it feels as if we’re getting nowhere, and others are passing us by. The rules keep changing. The path isn’t very clear anymore. Self-doubt and worry seem to be constant companions. We’ve accomplished a lot, but something’s missing. We fear we’ve lost our way.

I’ve been there. I’ve turned “madness” into “magic” in my own life and the lives of others time and again. I’ve learned that no matter how smart, successful, or strong we may appear to be to the outside world, sometimes, we need a little help in creating a playbook and rules to turn whatever circumstances of life we find ourselves in into the “ever after” we once dreamed of living. 

As a successful career woman who rose to executive ranks at global for-profit and non-profit companies…

As a published award-winning author, writer, and creative content producer…

As a woman who finally found the perfectly imperfect love of her life (very late in life and without “settling”)…

I look forward to sharing my strategies and helping you start living the life you want and deserve.