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I’m with Crazy: A Love Story (Ep8) National Sibling Day & Crazy

You know, all those greeting card company commercials that celebrate siblings and family or the magazine articles, you know the question, “When was the last time you told your brothers or sisters you loved them?” The media and marketing all remind me on this National Siblings Day that it’s my excuse to give them all…

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I’m with Crazy: A Love Story (Ep7-Part 2) Living & Loving Crazy

In part 1 of my conversation with my brother Ross, I learned lots about how different perspectives can be, even if siblings grew up surrounded by the same crazy. Today’s podcast is a continuation of the last episode. It’s been enlightening for me – and it’s dawned on me that this is really the first…

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I’m with Crazy: A Love Story (Ep7 – Part 1) Living & Loving Crazy

“…It’s a whole different world….” My brother Rosario is definitely right. I listen back to some of these stories and think WOW what we were going thru and hiding from the world…? And then I think WOW what must you listeners be thinking? LOL While there’s much more to this podcast – so much more…

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