From Shame to Strength:

Unlock Your Hidden Strengths and Transform Your Life

  • Discover the power within your past experiences
  • Learn to reframe your "mistakes" into valuable lessons
  • Gain the confidence to overcome any challenge

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Inside this Guide, You'll Find...

Your Way to a More Meaningful Life

Your Past

Identify the emotional impact of your past experiences and learn how to break free from shame's grip.

Your Strengths Revealed

Reframe your experiences as learning opportunities and transform shame into strength.

Your Confidence Unleashed

Find confidence by recognizing your growth and leveraging the strengths derived from your past.

Let Me Be Your Guide on Your Path to Empowerment!

Hey there, I'm Paolina Milana. I know firsthand that life can be complicated and filled with challenges. As someone who has overcome being raised by a mom with mental illness, becoming a caregiver to a younger sister with mental illness, and facing countless professional and personal obstacles, I've learned how to tap into my inner power and use my experiences to propel me forward.

Through my Madness To Magic coaching services, I'm on a mission to help you uncover the magic within your own story. I believe that too many of us are playing small, and it's time to embrace our strengths and shine our lights. Let me share the shortcuts I've learned to help you get where you want to be sooner rather than later.

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