3- and 30-Day Self-Guided Writing Class


Tell Your Story, Leave A Legacy

Turn your life story and the lessons you’ve learned into a book.
Start bringing meaning to your experiences while leaving a legacy for the world and those you love.


Does this sound like you?

You’ve been carrying a story inside of you that needs to be told, but you…

  • Have so many stories you aren’t sure which ones to tell or where to start…
  • Have tried writing about them before but self-doubt and lack of time kept you from finishing…
  • Haven’t spilled your secrets before and fear opening old wounds or hurting others…
  • Are worried about what others might think once they read about the real you…
You ARE NOT alone…
…but you ARE in the right place!

During the self-paced 3- and 30-Day Writing Class you will follow short daily videos and simple assignments to:

  • CONNECT with your authentic self
  • UNRAVEL your past
  • Get CLEAR on the story you need to tell
  • BUILD a real roadmap to turn your life into the book you’ve been carrying inside


I’m Paolina Milana, a published author and writing coach. My love of words led me to start out my career as a writer for a major daily newspaper. I climbed the ladder and rose in the ranks to Marketing & Media Executive levels with corner offices, big paychecks, people, power, headaches (and imposter syndrome) to match.


I love helping to tell other people’s stories. Your life isn’t a fairytale (mine isn’t either), but you’re the hero of your own journey.

It’s time to take charge of your own destiny, tell your story, and leave a legacy! 

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