What’s the Book in You?

Six-week write your book workshop: Get the book that’s in your head and heart on the path to “done and published.” Class starts June. Seats limited.


6-Week program to take the book that’s in your heart and head and get it on the path to “done and published.”

  • Week 1 (June 2) – Think Like a Shrink (we clear the “gunk” getting in your way)
  • Week 2 (June 9) – Think Like a Writer (work your table of contents, pages, etc)
  • Week 3 (June 16) – Think Like an Reader (target your audience, speak to them)
  • Week 4 (June 23) – Think Like a Publisher (learn to query AND to DIY)
  • Week 5 (June 30) – Think Like a Publicist (essays & getting social, drive traffic)
  • Week 6 (TBD) – BE the Author (1-on-1 with me to finally realize your dream)

At the end of this SIX-week program, you’ll walk away with:

  • A more solid vision for the book you want to write,
  • Clarity on WHY you want to write it,
  • A full understanding of HOW to write it,
  • A REAL roadmap — where to start your story, where to end it, the chapters to write, etc., and
  • Options for next steps to finally telling your story the way you want it told AND getting it out into the world (where it belongs).

Workshop will be held weekly for 6 consecutive Thursdays at 5 pm PT/7 pm CT/8 pm ET. (Week 6 is a BONUS 1:1 call with me) – June 2 is start date. Upon registering for the “What’s the Book in You?” 6-week class, you will be asked to submit information about the story you want to write and MORE to hit the ground running.

Here’s what others who have taken my 6-week workshop have said:

“I did it. After so many years of struggling and fearing my past, I have finally written my book. Paolina even helped me write an essay to submit to the New York Times! There’s no way I’d be this far along with my book if I had not taken this class. I can’t thank her enough. I am now an AUTHOR.” – Shannon R.

“I can’t believe how much I accomplished in just 6 weeks. I have a plan now! Before, I just had a loose idea. I now have something concrete.” – Lynn H.

“Paolina was relatable and made me feel as if writing my book was doable. I had struggled with follow-through and consistency in the past, but she challenged me with her framework and writing assignments. I now believe I CAN and WILL do this.” – Sarah H.

“I’ve had a ‘book concept’ in my head for a couple of years, and this class got me to finally create a blueprint of what it will take to make my book a reality. Paolina’s feedback alone was worth twice what I paid.” – Tiffany P.

“This class gave me the belief and encouragement that I have a book inside of me. It also gave me perspective and insight into the whole process from beginning to end.”  – Monica B.

“This demystified the writing process! The exercises and assignments helped me learn more about myself and about how to write with feeling and purpose. Paolina listened to me, and I felt heard. Her feedback was invaluable and helped me grow as a writer.” – Maria D.