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“Paolina lets the reader in, to both her heart and her mind, as she struggles to make sense of the madness all around her. This is a harrowing story told with generosity of spirit, and that is not easy to do.” —Jennie Nash, founder and CEO, Author Accelerator

Committed is a must-read for anyone struggling with mental illness, especially if, like Paolina, insanity has taken root in your family tree. This raw memoir brings to light the reality of madness — both in terms of what may surround us and that which may lurk within us.” —Samantha Dunn, author of Failing Paris and Not By Accident

“It's probably one of the best books on mental illness that I have ever read. Paolina Milana tells her story of having a mother, then later a sister, with paranoid schizophrenia with such honesty and passion. The toll that being a caregiver has on her is completely understandable and
she shows real courage. I highly recommend this book!"
— Library employee review courtesy of Netgalley

Committed: A Memoir of Madness in the Family

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Emotionally powerful and so evocative of place and time, Paolina Milana’s The S-Word is hard to forget. The drama of the story stays with you long after the last page is turned. —Samantha Dunn, author of Failing Paris and Not By Accident.

Recognize any of the words on the cover of this book?. Lived any of them? Witnessed any of them? Survived any of them? Then The S-Word is calling to you. It’s a powerful gut punch of a story. —Jennie Nash, author of The Threadbare Heart and The Only True Genius in the Family.

Memoir on Mental Illness in the family

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"Seriously! Are We There Yet?! is here to remind you of the power to course-correct along your journey by embracing new choices, beliefs and actions. This book will guide you back to your heart - it's a gem!"
- Nancy Levin, Hay House author and Life Coach

"I'd love to take this book and put it in front of people who take life WAY too seriously and need a new perspective. This book is like taking a new drug (that actually works)." — Joe Pulizzi, Founder of Content Marketing Institute, and Amazon bestselling author of Content, Inc. and The Will to Die.

"A terrific reminder to those of us who've been knocked down that life is still happening! It's here and now! So time to get out of our own way and 'Go. Do. Be' !" — Sue Scott, Creator of 'Island of Discarded Women' podcast, public radio veteran, and Character actor.