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Who You Were Meant To Be

It’s Time To Tap Into The Power In You.

Find Your Path, Discover Your Purpose, & Live "Ever After"

Madness to Magic Life Coaching with Paolina MilanaIt could be your job, your love life, your feelings of not being good enough or having what you want, or maybe you don't even know what that is anymore and you've lost your passion and purpose and the dreams you once had...

I get it. Cuz I've lived it.

My breakthrough came when I really took a look at the question WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? And started digging deep to find the answers. I learned to finally embrace ALL of who I was – without letting the outside world tell me who I was to be. And THAT’s when I was able to step into my own TRUE POWER and align my talents and gifts with my purpose…

I’ve figured out that I don’t have to be perfect…or do it all…OR give it away to those who don't value who and what I have to offer.

In knowing that I’m ENOUGH and "worth all that AND a bag of chips" LOL, I’ve succeeded in bringing to me everything I’ve always wanted:

  • An imperfectly perfect husband and a relationship that’s everything I ever wanted
  • A home that I had no business buying…and that’s been my creative cottage of inspiration
  • Freedom…no longer slaving away 60-80 hours a week climbing a ladder that led to somebody else’s mountain
  • And clients with whom I work to help women just like you realize their worth, and get what they really want in their relationships, their careers and every aspect of their lives.

My Signature System – MADNESS TO MAGIC – and my MISSION to help as many other women tap into their own powers and write their own next chapters of their lives “ever after” is what I have to offer you.

I’m going to share with you how YOU can be true to who you really are AND step into the life you’ve always wanted and deserve…

Your life isn't a fairytale, but you are the hero of your own journey...

My 5-Step “Madness To Magic” Method helps you:

  • Get UNSTUCK from doubts, fears, past hurts, and self-sabotage so you CAN move from where you are now to wherever you want to be,

  • Finally EMBRACE your worth, your value, your purpose and FEEL the power that already is in you,

  • Be EMPOWERED to clearly take charge of your own destiny, and confidently write the next chapter of your life – directing both your professional and personal future.

If you think it’s too much for you to tackle, if you think it can’t be done…you wouldn’t be the first. I’ve known too many GREAT women and men who just haven’t known their worth and who have worried if the investment in themselves is really worth it. I know because I, myself, have felt that very same way.

I told them what I told myself and what I tell you now – YOU ARE WORTH THE INVESTMENT. And we can do this – TOGETHER. Hear what others have to say:

Success Stories

nancy clausen 500x500

“Paolina Stopped The Bleeding”

“I connected with Paolina during a time of major life transition.  My sister had recently died, and I had just moved to California from a BIG publishing job in the Chicago area…”

“…Dropping my life and moving to California was my only choice, if I was going to live with myself.  My elderly mother needed care, and she needed me. After I moved, I started doing a little freelance consulting when I had time, but work wasn’t coming easily.  I really was struggling with my identity. Who was I now if not an ‘executive’ with a healthy paycheck?  No kids, no husband, and only two living family members – one with little time left.  What would matter and who would I be after my mother was gone if I didn’t have my big career? I lost my confidence, my hope and my perspective.  Paolina stopped the bleeding.  I walked away from just our first conversation with a new hope and perspective I hadn’t had in months, and the journey continues.  She really got me. And made me laugh.  And didn’t speak ‘self-help’ nonsense to me.  She pointed out things that I had become completely blind to, and handed me some new tools to start the journey.  She knew what I was experiencing, and helped me begin the process of finding myself again.  If my story sounds like you, Paolina Milana is the life coach you need. You’ll be just as glad as I am to have her help you remember who you are and move forward to an even better you.”


Founder and CEO, Marketing PR Pros

suzanne wade 500 x 500

“She Truly Is Magic And Makes Connections You Can’t See”

“Paolina was my first phone call in the middle of my personal crisis. She stayed calm and talked me through a clear path to take. She helped me find my center and take steps from there…”

“…It made the world of difference, and I’m certain it transformed the situation. For anyone finding themselves in the middle of madness, she truly is magic and makes connections that you can’t really see on your own to get you back to a place of peace. I so recommend her as a life coach.”

Suzanne W., Founder/Designer, Rank & Sugar

Michael Verley 500x500

“As A Coach, She Will Kick You In The Arse”

“In my experiences with Paolina, she has been caring, motivating, supportive, insightful, intensely honest, and most importantly loving. As a coach, she will kick you in the arse and hold you…”

“…accountable! She truly wants you to be the best you!”

Michael V., CEO, MV Enterprises

Marlys_Standing 500 x 500

“Paolina Reminds Me I Have So Much Value, And I’m Worthy”

“Where do I start?! A little over a year ago, I was introduced to Paolina Milana. She has proven to me over and over again, what I have known all along. Life is so much better with a coach!...”

“…Everyone can benefit from someone who can be called upon to discuss ideas with and converse with and look at us as an individual, and see the greatness within… that we have long ago lost sight of. Whether it be our self-worth, or what we have forgotten that we know, Paolina has a way of bringing it out from the depth of our souls. She sees the value in us and helps me to see the same. She has helped me in a personal way by helping me to document my life in writing, with vision boards, recordings and chapters of my memoir. She has helped me to run my company with a new vision and remind me of the knowledge I know has value but has become so mundane that I take it for granted and dismiss it. She reminds me I have so much value to my own real estate clients. She has picked up the pieces where I fall short to get me to my goals… She has even helped me to believe in myself that I am worthy to love… The last year, for me, has been the best input that I have ever had because of this lady. I have looked at me in a very different way and as a result it has renewed my future vision. I have seen life unfold again. I have gone from hopeful to grateful! Paolina is a multi-faceted strong life coach in the most compassionate way and like a good workout, you don’t even realize the leaps and bounds you have made until you have seen the results that have been conquered. I am so confident in her ability to spend time and sort out direction, timing and results. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!”

Marlys V., Owner, Vance Realty Group

lisa feit 500x500

“She Helped Me Set Aside The Self-Doubt That Was Holding Me Back”

“Paolina has been a wonderful coach -- and cheerleader -- as I transition my career from television writing/production/management to a position in the non-profit or corporate world…”

“…She has helped me realize how marketable I really am, and to set aside the self-doubt that was holding me back. In our work together, I’ve learned a lot about myself and explored a variety of career possibilities to hone in on the type of position that would be the best fit for my interests and financial needs. If you’re willing to be an active participant in your career transition process and put in the thought and effort to learn new approaches to finding your dream job, I highly recommend Paolina!”

Lisa F., Producer/Writer, National Geographic

Stephanie Fritz 500x500

“She Made Me Feel Like I Was Worth A Million Bucks”

“I sought out Paolina for some advice on a business proposition I was offered. She went above and beyond in research. I’m sure this is her superpower! Her expertise helped me think about what I wanted…”

“…to do, structuring my goals in a way that I’d never thought of before, helping me focus on the things that really mattered to me and how I could achieve them, seeing my true path and the direction I wanted to be going. She helped me clearly see this new business proposition wasn’t in alignment with my goals or my heart. If you are so lucky to come across her path, be open to what she has to offer. I am eternally grateful for her generosity, cut-through-the-crap, yet kind-hearted way she made me feel like I was worth a million bucks.”

Stephanie F., The Essential Midwife, LM & CPM, author.

Are You Ready to Find the Magic?

(No matter what Madness You’re Currently In)

I know you are. And I know what’s possible for you to…

  • …finally being able to BREATHE
  • …feel EXCITED about the future
  • RELAX and BE CONFIDENT in your own skin
  • …NOT be dismissed but be POWERFUL and heard
  • SAY NO to letting the little problems of your day take over
  • …let go and DISCOVER how to create an emotional safety net for yourself in all things: career, love, finances & more
  • TRUST me to help map out a plan that aligns with who you are and what you want to do AND how to get there
  • KNOW that this time next year is NOT going to be “same old same old”; rather, you’ll be FREE

I know you’re ready to LIVE THE LIFE YOU WERE MEANT TO – you know you’re ready, too. It’s why you’ve landed here to learn and grow and change.

I’d LOVE to support you on your path! Even if it’s just a chat and then you’re good to go on your own. Give me a call.

I know what it’s like to feel as if you’re just not where you’re meant to be. I know what it takes to break free and finally realize your dreams. My own purpose and path is what makes me want to help others in their own journeys. That’s why I do what I do. If when we talk, there’s a fit between what you need and my being able to help you get what you want, we can talk about that, too. If there’s more I can offer you that you can do on your own, I will. But I hope you’ll book a free call with me to help you figure out what you’ve not yet been able to. I know you’re here because you know it’s time.

If not now…when?

Take advantage of what’s being offered to you. I’m making myself available to speak with you PERSONALLY.

I want you to share with me where you’re at and what’s going on…and I’ll share how I might be able to help you.

If nothing changes, nothing changes. Make one tiny change now by booking a call.

We’ll take this time together to start tapping into the power in YOU!