We've had info sessions, and may have more. If you missed them and want to watch the replay. It's here below. It will give you what you need to participate in the Family Caregiver Collaborative Book Project. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Join the private group: Facebook.com/groups/familycaregiverbook

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Watch the quick video above for details.

YOU have a story to tell. Your loved one, the person you care for, does, too. When it comes to sharing a story from your family caregiver experience, maybe you think…


...Who has time to do this…? I’m overcommitted already.

…Who do I think I am? I can't write.

...Where do I begin? I have no idea how to start.

Welcome to the family caregiver club! You are NOT alone and participating in this Caregiver Collaboration Book project will be an experience that energizes and empowers you. AND it will be part of the legacy you and your family leave behind. PLUS there is NO COST TO YOU -- this project is funded by The Picerne Family Foundation's Artist Outreach Grant. 

How will this work?

• You CHOOSE to give yourself this gift…the gift of writing down memories that matter, of taking just a little bit of time in your day JUST FOR YOU.
• You sign up to be one of the (26-52) people who will write a chapter to be included in this book (that will be published in December of 2023 or May 2024). You’ll have a few simple questions to answer…might take you 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire.
• You work with an award-winning published author who also has personal experience as a family caregiver to take the story you want to share and get it out of your head and onto the page…all on your own time schedule (Yes, with deadlines, but they’re doable).
• You will be able to join writing workshop sessions live and/or to catch the replays when it suits your schedule. Each workshop is offered at multiple days/times, and you can attend for 30-minutes all the way up to 2-hours, if you choose.
• Even if you don’t fancy yourself a writer….even if you don’t have a lot of time…even if you’re not sure how this might unfold: Give yourself even just ONE HOUR each week, and when it comes time to publish this book, you and your story will be part of it…you will be a published author, and a piece of your legacy will live on for future generations.

About Me

Paolina Milana is a first-generation Sicilian American. She grew up as the family translator, becoming the primary caregiver for her mom and sister, both of whom were diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Paolina is a storyteller with journalistic roots. The author of several award-winning books, her most recent, COMMITTED: A Memoir of Madness in the Family, was excerpted in Eden Magazine and has been called "a modern-day 'Girl, Interrupted'." Madness To Magic is the name of her coaching business. She is a book coach and ghostwriter. She also is a life coach, offering programs that use storytelling techniques to help people find the magic in whatever madness may surround them. She loves using writing as therapy, helping others to unravel their pasts, triumph from adversity, embrace all of who they are, and, ultimately, turn the stories and lessons from their lives into books that heal and have impact.

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