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Why Me?

I’ve Turned Madness Into Magic & You Can, Too

Hey There, I’m Paolina Milana confidence coach. If you’re like me, it seems the more life experience we get under our belts, the more complicated and multi-layered, and, quite often, mired in madness we become. Who we really are and what we really want can get buried under who we’ve been and who we think we're supposed to be. There are so many voices – including those in our own heads – whispering “you can’t do it” or “you’re not enough” or “who do you think you are?” And even when you do start to shine and feel your power, then those voices whisper, “you’re too much” or “dim your light” or “who do you think you are?” Sound familiar? That's why I started my Paolina Milana confidence coach services. 

Madness to Magic Paolina Milana

Here's a Bit of My Bio

  • My childhood wasn’t all bunnies and bon-bons. Some of it was great, some – like being raised by a mom with a mental illness and then becoming caregiver to a younger sister with a mental illness – wasn’t. 

  • I paid my way through college, sometimes working three jobs at a time. It took my six years, but I did it. First in my immigrant family to earn an advanced degree.

  • My love of words led me to start out my career as a writer for a major daily newspaper. I love helping to tell other people’s stories. Professionally, I succeeded in roles in both the for-profit and non-profit worlds…and in a host of different industries. I climbed the ladder and rose in the ranks to Marketing & Media Executive levels with corner offices, big paychecks, people, power, headaches (and imposter syndrome) to match.

  • Relationships never came easy for me. At 45 years old, I finally met my imperfect perfect match, and he’s been everything I never even realized I needed (or deserved).

  • I’ve always been a “doer” – a “multi-tasker” – a “spinner of plates” - the girl who “gets it done”! I’m a published author, have won awards…AND I’ve been dismissed, laid off, and even fired.

I’ve Overcome So Many Challenges To Get To Where I Am Today - Paolina MIlana Confidence Coach

I'd Love To Share Shortcuts I've Learned To Get You Where You Want To Be Sooner Rather Than Later

Are We the Fuck There Yet Book by Paolina Milana

I started Madness To Magic, becoming Paolina Milana confidence coach, because life happens, and we can get caught up in the day-to-day madness and lose sight of the very magic that life really is. It’s easy when we get dismissed and knocked down to just give up. I’ve experienced it often. But I’ve learned how to not only bounce back, but to use it to propel me forward. I know how to tap into the power in me. I believe too many of us are playing small. Throughout my whole life, “Be Bold and Mighty Forces Shall Come To Your Aid” has been my mantra. Now it’s my mission to help others shine their own lights.

Paolina Milana Confidence Coach...?
Here's What Others Say....

Success Stories

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“Paolina Stopped The Bleeding”

“I connected with Paolina during a time of major life transition.  My sister had recently died, and I had just moved to California from a BIG publishing job in the Chicago area…”

suzanne wade 500 x 500
“She Truly Is Magic And Makes Connections You Can’t See”

“Paolina was my first phone call in the middle of my personal crisis. She stayed calm and talked me through a clear path to take. She helped me find my center and take steps from there…”

Michael Verley 500x500
“As A Coach, She Will Kick You In The Arse”

“In my experiences with Paolina, she has been caring, motivating, supportive, insightful, intensely honest, and most importantly loving. As a coach, she will kick you in the arse and hold you…”

Marlys_Standing 500 x 500
“Paolina Reminds Me I Have So Much Value, And I’m Worthy”

“Where do I start?! A little over a year ago, I was introduced to Paolina Milana. She has proven to me over and over again, what I have known all along. Life is so much better with a coach!...”

lisa feit
“She Helped Me Set Aside The Self-Doubt That Was Holding Me Back”

“Paolina has been a wonderful coach -- and cheerleader -- as I transition my career from television writing/production/management to a position in the non-profit or corporate world…”

Stephanie Fritz
“She Made Me Feel Like I Was Worth A Million Bucks”

“I sought out Paolina for some advice on a business proposition I was offered. She went above and beyond in research. I’m sure this is her superpower! Her expertise helped me think about what I wanted…”

As Your Coach, I'm Both Comfort & Kick Ass

THAT’s what you get when you coach with me. Because I know the power that’s in you – the energy you’ve been giving away to everybody but yourself. I know what it’s like to get to the top, only to realize that maybe you’ve been climbing up the wrong ladder. I know how it feels to have it look from the outside in as if you’ve got it all together, when deep inside, you can’t shake that something’s missing. I know when what’s needed is a shoulder to lean on, and when it’s a bit of an arse-kicking that’s best serves us!

Tap Into the Power in You by Paolina Milana

Stop Playing By Somebody Else’s Rules

Work with me and start creating your own playbook.

Coaching Programs I Offer

Empowerment Coach

Get unstuck from doubts, fears, and self-sabotage so you CAN move up in your career. My Empowerment Coaching helps you tap into your power and purpose, and earn what you’re worth.

Life Coach

Unearth the treasure in you. Remember who you really are. Know your worth. It’s never too late to find your purpose and get on the right path to your “Ever After”!

Writing Coach

Your life isn’t a fairytale, but you are the hero of your own journey. Take charge of your own destiny, tell your own story, and confidently learn to write the next chapters of your life.

Even the strongest among us need a little help at times. Whether it’s your job, your relationships, your “everything” or your “I haven’t a clue” -- I believe my coaching programs and workshops will meet you where you are, help you find the magic in the madness of your circumstances, and, ultimately, will help you get to where you want to be. Why not book a free discovery call with me? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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